A quick follow-up.

My last post regarding reddit ran just over a thousand words. I should be able to replicate that message with just one picture, but it turns out I need two.

This is my 'disliked' page on reddit. These are the links that I've downvoted most recently:

And this is my current "recommended" page:

My voting on Ron Paul links is very regular--I've been downvoting them like mad as an experiment for this post. I've been doing this for more than two weeks now, so even if there is a lag before the engine updates that couldn't explain this performance. I hypothesized that maybe recommendations are only made on links I vote up. But similar testing seems to shoot that down as well: I love Ruby links and vote them up like crazy, but of the 46 stories submitted in the last two weeks with Ruby in their titles, I am recommended none of them.

In fact, of the links reddit has recommended, none seem to contain words I've voted up, but words I vote down with regularity are prominent. Not only that, I was actually recommended a link that I'd already voted down.

I'd like to file a bug report please...