A noob uses the arrow keys.

The First Commandment of vim is "Thou shalt not use the arrow keys, for they be too far from thy holy home row. Use instead the blessed h, j, k and l."

A noob does not know his motions.

When a noob deletes a word, he holds 'x'.

When a master deletes a word, he taps 'dw'.

A noob should learn the motions granted him by w, i, t, f, and a. His practice would be guided well by the writings in ':help motion.txt'

A noob does not know the '.' command.

And great is his needless suffering.

A noob does not record macros.

A master's q key is well-worn.

A noob writes Rails code with vim, unaware of this screencast.

A master does not hesitate to share his awesome content.